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Who Are the Feminist Illuminati?

Are Emma Watson, Ryan Gosling, and Taylor Swift real feminists? Was the Moon Landing a hoax? Can women produce good video games? Who exactly is Beyonce? These are some of the questions explored by the inaugural chapter of the Feminist Illuminati at UCI. As an ironic nod to talk of the “feminist conspiracy” in the gaming industry, this is a collective that does organizing, outreach, and advocacy with an eye toward intersectional feminism.

What is intersectional feminism?

Intersectional feminism is an emancipatory network of ideas, people, and movements aimed at dismantling intersecting oppressive systems of gender, class, race, sexuality, nationality, ability, religion, and privilege more broadly. Feminism -- yes, the infamous f word -- is about social, economic, and political justice for all.

What are intersectional feminist issues?

The Feminist Illuminati will work on issues facing the campus community, ranging from safety to hate speech to equity in teaching and learning. As a collective, we work with other organizations on campus and beyond to counter the work of the -isms and support the work of equity-minded transformative movements.

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